For any Organization, its 'Human Asset' will be the most precious!
'People' - Our Excellains, Our Esteemed Customers & Our Business partners are unique and are definitely 'The Most Precious' for Excella!

'Birds of the same feather flock together' - goes the adage. This is true for Excella too.
The 'Talent Pool' at Excella is 'Our Pride'. Good & Committed Performers from various good Pharma Companies are 'hand-picked' and have become Excellains!

We do have freshers who have become Highly Productive, hard-core Business Managers after getting associated with Excella. We are also proud that Attrition at Excella is 'Zero'. In fact we define 'Attrition' as 'Excellains leaving Excella'.

In other words, if you are an Excellain, you cannot leave Excella!

Though we wish to bring the entire list of People associated with Excella, for want of space we provide the details of Our Core Management Team, Our Esteemed Core Customers and Our Business Partners.