IPM – (Indian Pharma Market) offers a lot of business opportunity for entrepreneurs in its various therapeutic areas (TA). The choice of TA should reflect the basic Core Corporate Philosophy first and next it should make a prudent commercial sense.

Excella’s choice of TA into Critical Care Segment was so natural that it is based on our Total Commitment to World Class Quality Health Care. Being in Critical Care will provide the Excella Brands an instant recognition & Greater GoodWill among Clinicians. Moreover, most Critical Care Molecules, for example. High-end injectable Antibiotics have always been one of the major Growth Drivers of IPM. Keeping in mind our future Corporate strategy of having ‘Speciality-wise’ Teams, We have Brands in other segments like Gastrointestinals, Nutritionals and Cardiology as well.

Brief details of all the Excella Brands are provided in this page.

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